Shasta Sage Smudge 4.5″ Wand [My Favorite!]

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I absolutely love Shasta sage! It smells sooooo good, at least I think so, LOL.

Shasta Sage is wild Sage that has been harvested in the Mount Shasta area in Northern California. People from all over the world travel to Mount Shasta to experience its healing energy. Many people claim to have had experiences with extraterrestrials, have been miraculously healed, have their chakras and kundalini activated among many other metaphysical experiences when visiting Mount Shasta. Our Mount Shasta Sage carries with it many of the spiritual and healing properties of Mount Shasta since it grows wild in its soil. Shasta Sage’s scent is softer and sweeter than White Sage which can be a pleasant experience for those who might have a dislike to the scent of White Sage. You will gain the same benefits as White Sage with some additional Magic from the Mount Shasta region.

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1 review for Shasta Sage Smudge 4.5″ Wand [My Favorite!]

  1. Teresa Montano (verified owner)

    I just purchased this along with the Dragon Blood sage wand and they both smells very good and very potent, It burns well. Fast shipping the next day 🙂 Thank you!

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