Twin Flame Quickie

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8 – 15 min. reading



This reading is a quick energy read on your divine other. This is geared towards those who just need a quick answer on where their divine other is at with less detail but will give you the answers you need. Great if you need daily guidance or if you have already purchased a reading with me and just need a quick energy update to see where your divine other is at, this is the perfect reading for you.

This reading will reveal:

  • Overall Energy (Bottom of the Deck)
  • How does your divine other think of you at this time (3 Tarot Cards)
  • How does your divine other feel about you at this time (3 Tarot Cards)
  • What do they want to do with you in the 3D/Physical? (3 Tarot Cards)
  • What are the future potential energies/actions your divine other will take? (3 Tarot Cards)

It’s short, simple, and sweet and to the point. If you have purchased a reading, you can take this as a short twin flame coaching session to see if there are any changes from the last reading without going into detail, just to check in your partner to see what they are up to! *Especially if they stopped talking or communicating with you which may cause you to panic 🙂 I always say, it will be fine, even though I know you may not feel that way at this time, but I will provide the quick guidance you need so that you can make a decision on what you should do to improve your personal situation or to help your divine other.

12 reviews for Twin Flame Quickie

  1. Kieran James Hunter (verified owner)

    I highly reccomend starting out with this reading for any first timers. It’s affordable & gives some great insight into your situation. It’s around 15 to 20 minutes but offers what feels like 40 minutes worth of information. She definitely knows what she is doing & is filled with an amazing loving energy that by the time you’re finished watching the video, you’ll definitely feel more positive. So not only will you get what you need but you’ll also leave feeling better. She also is great at following up any questions you may have & always gets the reading done relatively quickly. I’ve gotten a few of these and each one was better than the last & I don’t regret any of it.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this or any reading from Scorpio Moon. This mini reading is so helpful between longer readings to give insight to your journey and advice for going forward. She goes above and beyond to help you. She is intuitive, kind and always on point.

  3. Sarah (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend this reading! This was my first time getting a reading done and I am so glad I went to her. She is thoughtful, kind and intuitive.

  4. Margaretha Uddin (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this reading. For a short reading a lot of detailed information. She puts her heart and soul into it. Very accurate and helpful.

  5. Taylor (verified owner)

    Hi everyone that’s reading this I just wanted to say that if you’re thinking about getting a reading from Scorpio moon don’t think and just do it! Even though it’s a quickie it’s still so much insight, I love her readings so much that even I get them when I know the energy hasn’t changed or when I know it won’t be anything I necessarily want to hear but she has helped me to feel less alone as well as she’s just really amazing! i recently got a reading and one of her possible outcomes actually happened! When I say you won’t regret it I mean it whole heartedly. Thank you Scorpio moon intuition for the work you do and how much effort and insight you put into your readings!

  6. Debbie Bannon (verified owner)

    Wow! This reading was spot on! It brought tears to my eyes😢 it resonated so much with what I’ve been feeling!! She has a true gift for helping others, and I feel blessed to have chosen her for my first time reading! She’s given me the hope and inspiration I need to continue in this TF journey. Definitely worth pursuing if your thinking about doing a reading!! It’s done with lots of feeling and compassion!!❤

  7. Alison James

    My reading totally resonated 100%. I would highly recommend a reading with this beautiful soul as even though it says it’s a ‘quickie’ it really isn’t! Lovely warm energy with great insight and clarity for your situation. I will definitely be booking another reading.

  8. Andrea (verified owner)

    I have found these readings, and the deeper ones, to be so incredibly helpful on my journey. Many blessings and gratitude.

  9. Katherine Z. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this reading .
    She provides a lot of details and could have charged much more than this price. The reading reflects and resonates with my situation completely and really helps me cope with the situation.

  10. Margaret (verified owner)

    I highly recommend her and her work, as everything resonates with my person. Truly gifted and such a beautiful reading I received. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend.

  11. Jill (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a highly intuitive reader packed with solid information and guidance, look no further. She takes her time to explain your situation and the information she gave me completely resonates with my journey. She definitely has the gift of helping others with their journey.

  12. Sunshine (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this reading if your looking for a quick check in on the energies and potentials with a TF. My personal reading was so accurate in how my TF expresses and percieves our energies – as well as the underlying reasoning/potential in our energetic connection. Highly resonate with it!

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