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Distance Reiki healing for:
Physical pains, emotional pains, upcoming events/situations, bettering of relationships/issues between people, anti stress, general dis-ease, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, chakra alignment and more…

What type of distance Reiki healing will I receive?

In a distance Reiki healing session, I ​channel various forms of Reiki healing frequencies intuitively, which means that which frequencies will be channeled​ varies from time to time.

Usually I provide Usui Reiki – often with a chakra clearing/chakra flush and chakra balancing as well, depending on what I am guided to and any specific issues you may ask me to focus on.

Which issues can a distance Reiki healing ​help with?

I have supported clients with anything from relief of physical pains, emotional pains, stress, cancer and side effects from chemo therapy, chakra clearing, chakra balancing, clearing energetic negative attachment/hooks from others, cord-cutting, general energizing and boost of lifeforce energy, psychic healing and protection (closing tears in the energy body that allows entities to attach) and much more.

You do not have to be present, nor do we have to have a phone conversation, or video chat. Only a photo of you is required and any specific area you would like to address.

After purchase, please send me a photo of yourself to my email at scorpiomoonintuition@gmail.com along with what you would like to focus on in the session.

How often can I receive distance Reiki healing?

Some prefer a few healings (i.e. 1 healing or 1 healing a week for 3 weeks or spread out) and they are on their way.
Others choose to get a bi-weekly/monthly “tune-up” – sort of subscription-based – to make sure they stay balanced and clear in their frequency.
Some prefer a daily intensive for a week and then monthly follow-ups for a period of time (or ongoing). And some a frequent wellness treatment (mind, body and spirit are equally important) once in a while. The frequency is up to you.

Are there any side effects of distance Reiki healing?

Once in a while (usually depending on the energetic “heaviness” of issues healed and released) you can experience what is called a “healing crisis”, after one or more distance Reiki sessions. Symptoms can vary from a change in mood, sadness, physical or emotional “downtime”, a feeling that stuff gets a bit worse (and then it gets better) etc.
All this is very normal, and initially nothing to be alarmed by (unless it does not get better – then be sensible and seek medical help, as it can be something else, not related to the session. Better safe than sorry!).

Any healing crisis you might experience happens because you now release previously stuck energetic blocks in your energy fields – and sometimes physically as well. And in order to heal, it needs to surface to be released, and what you experience is simply the effect of the cleansing process.


In a distance Reiki healing session I ask you to set aside about half an hour for the distance Reiki healing session itself.
Preferably relaxing yourself first, whether with a cup of tea, a warm bath, incense or whatever is your preferred way to relax.
I ask that you lay down (if possible), and you can then choose to tune in through meditation or simply lay down and relax. Either in quietness or with relaxing music in the background.

Even if you can’t have a secluded relaxing space, the healing still works.  Yes, also if you are on the way in your door with your hands full of shopping bags or you are watching tv.

The relaxing part is to heighten your experience and give you a comforting break from your day which, really, most of us need, so if at all possible, give yourself the precious gift of half an hour of self-indulgent luxury time. You hereby have my permission, should you need it. I will let you know when I am about to perform the session so you can feel the healing remotely.

What does distance Reiki healing feel like?

You may or may not immediately notice the effects, but usually my clients report everything from feelings of warmth, pulsing/tingling/itching sensations in the body, internal images/pictures. Some feel it to be a relaxed state of being to a heightened awareness, the sense I am present with them, tiredness and/or emotions that surface to be released.

Remember, each session is unique, depending on what your specific energy system needs at the time of healing. While some feel all kinds of things, others might feel nothing at all or fall asleep.
All is perfectly well, and as it should be.
Actually, falling asleep often happens for your system (and thoughts) to loosen up to receive the healing.

​Please note…

This type of distance Reiki healing session usually lasts ​​somewhere between 20-30 minutes all together, incl. my preparation time.
It is vital, that you up your intake of water in the days following the healing. This is to aid the cleansing process in all your bodies (the energetic bodies, as well as the physical body).
Although this session is not a psychic or clairvoyant session as such, and if anything specific shows up during the healing, I will (naturally) share it with you once the session is done.


If you plan to purchase your service using a hotmail email account at checkout, please follow up with me with an alternative email such as gmail email preferably or another email account. I have issues responding to hotmail email but I do receive your emails. Please email me directly at scorpiomoonintuition@gmail.com if you have not received your reading within a week from the time of booking. Thank you!



  1. Jill Moore (verified owner)

    This was my first time doing a Reiki session and it was an amazing experience! I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel anything during the session but I had amazing sensations and it felt Scorpio Moon was right with me. She will let you know when she is going to perform the Reiki and will follow up on what she saw after. I highly recommend Scorpio Moon, you will be impressed!

  2. Ronald Kelly (verified owner)

    Scorpio Moon Intuition’s healing was remarkable. She worked with me in getting several done in a schedule and was not disappointed. The fact she cares about her clients means the world to me and I’m grateful for the insight she has provided with her reports as well.
    Thank you so much.

  3. P (verified owner)

    I’ve done a few reiki healing sessions and I’ve always felt better each time. In my very first healing session, I felt an immense sense of peace which I hadn’t felt in years, and the chakra balancing done also raised my vibration each time. I’ve tried a few other reiki healers before, but I like Scorpio Moon’s one the best because because I can really feel the difference. I also really appreciate the fact that she gives a really detailed report on what she saw/felt for each of the chakras – many of the things she saw resonated strongly with me based on my real life experiences. I highly recommend trying reiki healing with Scorpio Moon!

  4. P (verified owner)

    This is my second time doing a review for this because I honestly think everyone should at least try having a reiki healing session done once.
    I’ve had quite a number done by Scorpio Moon now since February, and each time after the healing, I feel noticeably better, happier, and even more at peace. These tune up sessions that I’ve been having regularly (whenever I felt it) has really helped me to keep my vibration high and to remain positive in my journey. I also feel like these sessions have helped me to progress and heal further in my journey, and along the way, I can really feel the difference it has made in my connection.
    I’ve also had many ‘unexplained’ headaches and migraines (ranging from mild to severe) since I was a kid, and when I suddenly had many severe headaches and migraines again after a long time, I decided to get a session that focused on this because my painkillers weren’t helping much at all. After the healing, it was obvious that my headaches and migraines stopped hurting as much, and the frequency of me getting headaches/migraines also went down.
    I really really recommend everyone to at least give it a try, because it really helps.

  5. Nancy McAllister (verified owner)

    I feel the session went really well. I will be booking another session real soon. Thank you so much

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