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1 hour and 30 minutes video reading + recording options are available.
*For 30 min reading. This is time sensitive and I will not go overtime. This is intended for those who have a few questions but want to have live interaction. In the event it goes over 30 min. you will have the option to make payment for the extended reading but knowing ahead of time that payment is required before moving forward.

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Receive a live tarot card reading via video conference. You will get a reading with a video recording with this booking upon request, otherwise it is live with no recording.

This reading is for those who would like to have a one on one live reading session to discuss any burning questions you have about your twin flame or soulmate. These questions will be addressed prior to the reading, either by email or before we actually start the reading itself. You can also ask about career questions.

To book this reading, simply purchase this reading and in the checkout section.

Once I have received your order, I will contact you for a time to have your live personal reading scheduled. Please note, I am in PST (Pacific Standard Time) so depending where you are in the world, time coordination is very important.

If you are not available for the scheduled reading after confirming the time, please let me know at least a few hours up to 24 hours in advance.

If communication is still not possible, then I will continue to do the reading without voice communication and simply send you a video link. If no information is given, you forfeit your booking.


*Skip the line and choose the expedited reading if you wish to receive your reading within 24-48 hours. Does not include weekends. Normal wait times is between 5-10 days.


If you plan to purchase your reading using a hotmail email account at checkout, please follow up with me with an alternative email such as gmail email preferably or another email account. I have issues responding to hotmail email but I do receive your emails. Please email me directly at if you have not received your reading within a week from the time of booking. Thank you!

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Live Reading 1 hr., Expedited Live Reading 1 hr., Live Reading 30 min., Expedited Live Reading 30 min.

9 reviews for Live Reading

  1. Maria Velasquez (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of getting this hour long personal reading & I was not disappointed! Scorpio moon intuition is amazing, she has such an amazing gift. I was able to explain my story & her reading was spot on. After our reading was over, I watched her latest video she had put out BEFORE we spoke & it gave even more confirmation to my situation! She is a sweet, very intuitive, awesome woman! Highly recommend! ❤️

  2. David Radunz (verified owner)

    What an amazing person she is! I really enjoyed connecting with her and receiving my reading. She went out of her way to try and understand my journey and showed me a great deal of compassion and understanding. The reading itself, which of course could have gone in any way it was meant to – it was in alignment with the messages I had also been given about my journey. It’s really helped me to have some external validation to know that I am in alignment and that I am not deceiving myself. And the reading itself was top quality, she really put in a lot of effort. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Darren White (verified owner)

    After watching her Videos on Youtube i was very much guided to a private reading with Sandy. She has a very soothing and calming energy which anyone can be drawn to like I was. And I don’t regret it at all! The Guidance she gave me was very helpful in my complicated situation that I am in at present, and it has helped me considerably to make better choices towards my Twin and in my personal life. Truly an eye opener to say the least. Thank you Sandy for the shifting my perspective to better things and giving me clarity for whats to come. The good and the bad. I am forever grateful, Thank you.

  4. Noele Caruso (verified owner)

    I was guided to choose Sandy because I felt her compassion , kindness and connection to this TF journey. Not only did she go out of her way to fully hear and listen to my journey she made me feel the comfort of a DF. This is all new to me. So when she gave me the reading I was surprised at how accurate it was to my story and hand and at that timeline. I felt so much of my pain subside after she did it. It was almost as if spirit finally gave me the validation thru her, about my journey. I would suggest to get a reading from her. I know I will be getting another one soon. Love Love Love Sandy. Thank You for treating me special…

  5. Ronald Kelly (verified owner)

    I booked a live session reading for the first time and I was not disappointed.

    It was a unique and rewarding experience to go in-depth about my situation on my twin flame journey and I’m grateful to have crossed paths here. I even felt like I made a friend in the process.
    Thank you. ?

  6. Jas (verified owner)

    I have got readings from Sandy before but this was my first live reading. I was able to explain her my situation in details, she was super understanding. She didn’t sugar coat anything and was honest about everything. My reading ended up going over time but she didn’t cut it short. It honestly seem like I was talking to a friend. Also in one of my previous readings from her, she told me that I need to focus on myself and be more in the present moment. It was the best advice I got and was exactly what I needed. Thanks for this reading and going above and beyond.Your truly a gem ??

  7. steph_campos91 (verified owner)

    I had my personal reading today From Sandy, she was amazing!! Not once did I feel rushed through my reading, it even went a little longer than it was supposed to! But she still! didn’t rush me off either way. She was lighthearted, funny and welcoming, most of all knowledgeable! You will not be disappointed. So happy and thankful to have found her!
    Thank you again Sandy! ❤️

  8. hhuang22 (verified owner)

    The personal reading was great. Sandy was very personable, and non-judgmental when I provided information regarding my situation.

    Thanks much! Will definitely recommend and will likely consider scheduling for another reading in the future.

  9. hhuang22 (verified owner)

    Came back for a second reading. What I really appreciate, in addition to what I’ve mentioned in my previous review, is Sandy’s understanding of people who are in polyamorous/open relationship, which is often more complicated.

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