Andy Porter – Psychic Surgeon, specializing in Spirit Removal (RSR – Remote Spirit Release/ SRT – Spirit Release Therapy) and more. I have utilized his services on numerous occasions and have felt clear of any spirit attachments.

To book a session, visit

Return To One – Twin Soul Quantum Healing
I have used a few of her services and would recommend it to anyone. If you want to know if you are a true Twin Flame or want to start healing your connection through a different modality, please connect with Elze.

To book a session, visit

Karmic Clearing – Haritej Kaur will take you on a journey to connect with the Ascended Masters to resolve any past karmas. After one session, she was able to see my DM and resolve blocks from our past lives and a month later I received communication with him after a year of silence.

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Twin Flame Astrology Report + Natal Chart – Sunny will offer you an in depth outlook on your connection with your twin flame and give you a better understanding of what is going on in your connection according to the stars. I have personally worked with her over the years and she has been very helpful in my journey with my twin.

To book a session visit

Akashic Records – Erika Furuzono will help guide you through your journey to open up your personal Akashic Records to see where you are currently at in your contract(s). You will also be able to ask questions about your twin. I have had the pleasure of receiving an Akashic Records reading with her which brought me to tears as I validated my source of origin and going back to the 16th Century with my twin. I also with this session saw myself in a past life and was able to release spirits that was blocking my connection to my twin.

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BQH Practitioner / SRT: Tena Dodds-Waters – I’m a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner, Spirit Releasement Therapist, Intuitive Physical Empath with claircognizant, clairsentient and a bit of clairvoyant abilities all mixed in. I’m also a published author in my joint work with Karen A. Baquiran #LoveYourself: A Guide to Awakening the Soul and Putting the Ego to Sleep. I have been in practice and observation with Tena and Karen in RSR group sessions and have received a few clearings from them both.

To book a past life regression session or receive SRT/RSR services please visit

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)Karuna Chinchkhede
Karuna works in remote spirit release as both a medium and facilitator located in California. You can find her on Facebook, IG, and YouTube. I have worked with her personally in a close group setting and have observed her capabilities and find her very competent in her ability to perform remote spirit release.

Heather Stubbs IPHM – Heather facilitates with several mediums who connect with their own guides and acts as a medium herself with her own spirit guide. She can help with remote spirit release. I have used her personally for my son and found it to be helpful.

To contact heather for a Remote Spirit Release (RSR) email

Hypnotherapist / Shamanic Practitioner:

I have not personally worked with her but a friend of mine has and her work seems to open up information my friend did not see or know until she used this type of modality.

RSR / Past Life Regression / Mediumship:

I have not personally worked with her but I have been referred to her on numerous occasions. You will not be disappointed as I have had others who have worked with her and they were pleased with the service.


Once In a Full Moon – Enjoy amazing fragrances and chakra balancing with a beautifully, hand-crafted candle by Cecilia.

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