Twin Flame Extended Reading – New Moon in Gemini – June 3 – 17, 2019

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Purchase the extended to receive the personal guidance you need during this new moon in Gemini.

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Find out what energies that the DM and DF are going through during this time.

  • What should we expect energetically from the DM/DF?
  • What aspects will the DM/DF work on?
  • What are they going to do in their physical life?
  • What are they going to do towards the connection?
  • What are the blocks/challenges that each are currently working on?
  • What is the outcome?
  • What does each need to surrender to in order to come into union?
  • Closing guidance messages.

If the general reading resonates with you, you can purchase the extended to get more information in regards to these energies you and your divine partner will be going through at this time. Find out what each counterpart is going through, and what each needs to work on in order to come into union.

Extended reading: 33 min.

This reading will cover what to expect during this new moon in Gemini! Overall the DM is learning to surrender to the divine. They are no longer resisting what the universe has in store for them, but trusting in their guidance to not control the situation but to go with the flow. For the DF, I see that it is time to take action! I feel that the DF is no longer waiting on their DM to return and feel they are currently working on their life purpose/mission and understand that the DM will return with divine timing. The DM is envious of their DF. They see the true beauty that their divine counterpart embodies and really look up to them, they are in AWE! They see their divine partner as a spiritual being and they too are wanting to follow the lead of their DF to be the best version of themselves to level up and be the true divine counterpart of their DF. The DF, I see you are holding space for your DM. While working on yourself, you are patiently waiting on your DM to come forward towards you, but also I feel you are accepting that your DM may need some time to work on themselves before they return. DM is learning to love themselves by working on how they feel on the inside, not just the outside appearance. They understand that in order to truly radiate a “perfect” being, they must be honest with themselves, by working on themselves and they have come to this understanding by watching how their DF grown from this connection and seeing how they have ascended. Hence the reason why they envy you. DF, I see that you are working on your divine purpose, and not holding back or stopping your flow and taking action during this time. You have a momentum that is unstoppable, and no DM is going to pull you back to that old energy because YOU have been working on yourself, your life purpose and you are glowing! I feel the DF is truly being a leader in this connection. So what is the DM going to be doing in the 3D? They are working on their shadow side. They are learning to surrender to the divine, working on releasing their past and putting closure to those energies. They are working on themselves, as they see how the DF has done already. They are following the lead of their DF to level up and be that true divine counterpart. They are also working on their solar plexus chakra, they are no longer wanting to cater to anyone but themselves. Gaining the strength and will power to reconnect with their DF. They want partnership with the DF. They are now looking for stability. The DF is working on releasing past emotions and ready to receive their 10 of cups. They are no longer thinking of the past, they want new energy and are tired of the emotional baggage and ready to release depression, sadness, and being hurt. I also see the DF has incorporated their DM energy also. I see the DF is working on their stability and security. They are moving forward in their life. They are no longer seeking that outside of themselves and have found that power from within. I feel DF are more focused. I also see that the DF have used this time to think about their current situation or circumstance. I see DF are working on themselves, meditating and grounding in nature.


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