Twin Flame Extended Reading – May 25, 2019

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DM overall energy:
They are walking away from a karmic situation. They are finally closing out those chapters, saying BYE to the karmic situation. The DM is finally realizing that the family and tribe (friends, work, karmic partners) are no longer fulfilling them and want to leave it all behind.

In the 3D (physical life) the DM is feeling at loss due to the third party situations. They are looking towards the future and are in despair because of the karma they have chosen to go through and know they have pushed their DF away. I feel the DM feels like they lost everything, almost feels like they are starting their life all over again. They feel alone.

The DM knows they did not put any time, love or affection towards the DF. They left their DF for the karmic. They now understand it is time to release their EX (karmic partner).

DF overall energy:
They are holding space in their heart for the DM. They understand the DM and what they are going through and have been very patient waiting on their DM to return back “HOME”. ¬†For the DF, they have been waiting a long time, not knowing if their DM is returning back to them during this time of separation. DF is waiting on communication from their DM and is starting to feel hopeless in the connection because of non-communication.

For the DF, they are feeling concerned about the connection with the DM. They are tired of waiting. All the DF wants is a message from the DM. The only thing they have are old/past messages they received. They are now wondering if they should hold on to the connection because the DM is taking too long. The DF is tired of being alone holding space for the DM, and don’t know what to do. DF feels everything was taken from them. They have given the DM so much, and it seems that the karmics get everything from their DM and wonder why are they holding on.

The DF wants a relationship with their DM and they are trusting in the connection, keeping the faith that one day their DM will return and give them this offer of a commitment.

Find out more about what the energies are looking like between the DM and DF.
What are the divine counterparts going to do about the connection?
What are the blocks/obstacles between you and your divine partner?
What are the actions that the DM/DF should take to come into union?


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