Twin Flame Deluxe Reading (Partner Only)


35 – 40 min. reading



Want a full overview of your twin flame? Let me tap into your divine counterpart’s energy and reveal:

  • Overall Energy
  • Underlying Energy
  • What is their past, present, future energies towards the connection?
  • How do they think about you?
  • How do that feel about you?
  • What do that want to do towards the connection?
  • What are they going to do about the situation?
  • What is the obstacle/blocks in the connection?
  • What is the future potential outcome?
  • What is their true intentions towards you at this time?
  • 3 Messages from Tarot De La Nuit – Messages that your divine partner doesn’t want you to know
  • 3 Messages from Archangel Tarot – Messages that your divine partner wants you to know
  • 6 Scorpio Moon Intuition Cards – Messages that your divine partner wants to tell you
  • Closing Guidance Messages


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