Smudge Spray (Bitch Be Gone Spray! a.k.a. F-Boy Repellant) by Scorpio Moon Intuition

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Removes bad/negative spirits/energies for your protection, and possible bitches/f-boys too! Stay classy and protect yourself today!

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Introducing a smokeless smudge spray to help repel bad/negative spirits for your cleansing rituals. Try this before doing any kind of mediumship work, clearing out your space, protection when you travel or wherever you go without having to burn sage, cedar, palo santo, rosemary and more.

Common Uses

  • Cleansing your home, office, bed or any space as needed
  • For mediumship work
  • For any ritual practice without having to burn common smudging materials
  • For use while you travel to uncommon places for your protection
  • For use on your friends when they are acting a bit strange (LOL)
  • For use before bedtime
  • For any other times you feel you need to be uplifted, cleared of any negative energies where it serves as a protection to repel negative energies

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Moon Water, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Sage Oil, Fir Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Frankincense Oil, Palo Santo Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Water.

3.4 oz spray bottle

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.75 × 5.5 in

2 reviews for Smudge Spray (Bitch Be Gone Spray! a.k.a. F-Boy Repellant) by Scorpio Moon Intuition

  1. Audrey Soto (verified owner)

    I love this smudge spray! I use it to clear my energy and I use it when I do Tarot readings for myself and others. Sometimes I use it when I meditate too. It’s great, and I feel light and more aligned whenever I use it.

  2. Lynds

    I got the mini version with the kit. This works so well! Love the smell. The first time I used it my person was being horrible and he ended up being speechless for a while. Helps with anxiety a bit too.

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