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Selenite is always associated with simplicity, innocence, devoutness, and beauty. Its name is undoubtedly derived from Selene, a Greek divine figure, also known as the moon goddess. Many of its essences revolve around spirituality.

Selenite is often related to the moon. This stone serves as a beacon of light when in darkness. True to its nature, Selenite provides many healing benefits for its bearer. When all else fails, Selenite lends a helping hand.

This stone is an incredible energy conductor, just like the moon. The moon acquires its light from the sun. On the other hand, Selenite absorbs moonlight and turns them into a tremendous amount of power capable of energizing other objects and gemstones.

One cannot overlook its feminine qualities. Selenite is soft, silky, and delicate, just like women. Make no mistake; Selenite is as resilient as a femme fatale.

Healing Properties

Selenite shares the pinnacle with other gemstones like Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, and Amethyst regarding its healing properties. Whether you look at Selenite’s emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual healing powers, this stone is definitely one of the gemstones’ standouts.

It is considered by many as a beautiful stone. It blocks all impurities from penetrating the human body. The body of its bearer responds positively to its therapeutic powers. The most evident benefits are better metabolism, fluid blood circulation, stable blood pressure, enhanced eyesight, and many more.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Human emotions are contagious, and it has been proven throughout history. Selenite is a fantastic stone because of its ability to influence emotions positively. If you are an emotional person and you get carried away quickly, you should be friends with Selenite.

Selenite also affects other people’s feelings. It has a relaxing aura that gets transmitted to its surroundings. Hence, people around its bearer tend to be calmer and happier, which is very helpful because conflicts usually happen when tempers flare.

So if you want to conquer your emotional demons, get yourself a Selenite. Be yourself and influence others with this magnificent stone.


The mind controls everything the body does, except involuntary actions. Selenite gives its bearer a healthy mind by increasing the body’s energy flow, especially around the brain area. As a result, the mind is more productive and more creative.

Selenite also prevents the mind from dwelling on the nightmares of yesterday. As humans, we tend to think about the past too much. In some cases, it leads to anxiety, depression, and, worse, suicide. Selenite helps the mind to focus on the present and live in the moment.

So if you have been struggling with your mental health, get yourself a Selenite and enjoy its healing powers.


As vivid as its physique, Selenite clears all impurities from the human body. It is a reliable detox partner. Contained within Selenite are different therapeutic energy waves that slowly help the body to excrete toxins. It can also help in your weight-loss projects.

The physical healing properties of Selenite have wowed the world since its conception. One of its most recognizable abilities is its healing effect on the human spine. Selenite releases a soothing energy wave that helps align the backbone.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can harm cells, causing sickness and aging. Selenite prevents them from destroying the human body, which is extremely helpful for those who have such. What are the potential diseases that may occur when free radicals deteriorate the body? Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Eye Cataracts, and the likes. These are illnesses that often make life hard for some. Selenite stops this from happening.


The majority of crystal lovers refer to Selenite as a spiritual stone. Indeed, it possesses a substantial spiritual capacity, capable of healing other people, even its bearer. The stone helps in warding off hostile spirits who want nothing but revenge and destruction. Selenite flashes its blinding light and easily fends them off.

Wearing Selenite

Are you a fan of Selenite jewelry? If not, it’s time for you to join the bandwagon! Selenite has the beauty of an angel and the charisma of a goddess, making it one of the most suitable and preferable stones in making jewelry.



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