Piñon Pine Smudge 4″ Wand


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Piñon Pine is used in Native American sacred ceremonies to clear the air, heal, balance energies, provide mental strength and support fertility. This smudge stick is the perfect smudge for protection rituals.  Pinyon, or piñon, are a variety of pine trees considered sacred by some Native American tribes.  For years they have been used to fight off illnesses, as well as negative energies.  They have been used to reverse hexes or curses, as well as helping to lift the spirits of one in mourning.  Pine also helps with concentration.  Pine is protective and nurturing by nature. Excellent for smudging your person and place. Let your sacred space be filled with the sweet citrus aroma of these pinyon pine smudge sticks, as the smoke purifies and casts its healing properties.

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