Dragon’s Blood White Sage 5″ Wand


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Dragons Blood Sage or Red Sage is simply white sage coated with dragons blood resin. While Sage will cleanse your space; Dragons Blood Sage will cleanse, heal and protect you and the energy in your space.

White sage is known to clear out any negative energies from your space. Loved by healers to cleanse their space after a heavy session. Dragons blood when added to regular white sage – enhances the benefits of the white sage and gives you the extra boost of metaphysical protection.

Dragon’s blood is good to use when performing rituals for cleansing and protection. It takes away negative energies. It is also used in blessings. Modern magical practitioners use dragon’s blood for various purposes as it is said to increase the potency of magical workings, aid in returning lost love, and has powerful protection properties. It is used to cleanse an area of negativity & for energizing psychically, magically and spiritually. It is also said to enhance health, virility and to cure impotency. Dragon’s blood is also known to act as a strong detox and blood cleaner.

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