The Universal Tone: The One Frequency We All Need

In my recent hypnosis session yielded a profound download from my spirit guide, emphasizing the importance of universal oneness and interconnectedness. The message spoke of a universal tone that facilitates our connection to all sentient beings. Intrigued by this concept, I discovered Carlos Santana’s book, “The Universal Tone: My Life,” where he revealed his use of the frequency 432 MHz in his music, resonating with the heart chakra. As I delved deeper, I stumbled upon the song “Smooth,” which exemplified a beautiful interplay of masculine and feminine energies, reminiscent of twin flame connections. Through these synchronicities and discoveries, I have come to realize the power and significance of unity and harmony in our collective human experience, and the potential for music to serve as a conduit for this profound connection. May we all embrace and nurture the universal oneness that binds us, and find solace in the harmonies that echo through our souls.

If you are interested in his book: Universal Tone

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