How to manifest abundance – Law of Abundance

Items to help create a mind-set of abundance.
Write these items on a 3 x 5 index card and carry in your wallet.

1) Personal calendar – budget time.
2) Keep commitments. Watch what you say “I choose to” instead of “I have to”. Power of
3) Learn to give yourself pleasure – pampering.
4) Treat yourself to 1st class as much as possible.
5) Always speak the best of yourself.
6) Find something in everyone that you like.
7) Rest.
8) I deserve the very best!
9) Always be making room in your life for the new thing in your life.
10) I love my bills – Certificates of Recognition showing my ability to pay.
11) Leave people alone do not push your philosophy.
12) Use visualizations & affirmations.
13) Recognize prosperity you already have & celebrate!
14) Remember that hopelessness is poverty consciousness.

Silver Dollar Exercise – within 24 hours of each new moon, write a check to yourself and
register “Law of Abundance”. Forget it.

Write a check to yourself, paid in full by “The Law of Abundance”

Happy manifesting!

Scorpio Moon Intuition, written by Sunny at

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