Twin Flame Channeling – September 20, 2021 – Pisces Full Moon [DM/DF Energy + Extended Reading]

Today the collective energies between divine masculine and divine feminine is seeking past the illusions of what has been going on in their present daily life. I feel the DMs are realizing they made themselves out to be bigger than what they were. Ego is really showing the DMs what they need to work on especially when then turn inward and look towards their divine feminine in secret. For some, these DMs feel they had enough giving into karmic relationships with family, spouses, and work partnerships. It’s become over bearing to be so co-dependent in these situations. Because of how the DMs are reflecting on their DF, they are growing and changing into REAL divine masculine.

For the DFs I see you lost faith in the connection. Maybe too little, too late. But the reality of not having a physical relationship has become “truth” in divine feminine eyes and so maybe your expectations on the DMs were just too high. What spirit is saying is to connect with your higher self. Right now the DFs are placing too much emphasis on the physical. Needing physical contact or connection and disregarding the spiritual connection you both have.

Right now the DM is in a realization they give so much to karmic partners. What they need is to give back to themselves. The guidance is to heal attachment to family wounds. If the DMs feel guilty because of emotional traumas. They need to release the need to be present in relationships that have run its course. Consider all your options for healing. Practice meditation to bring yourself to a higher perspective. Maybe therapy could help. It’s time to stop living in the dark. Open your heart, ask for help.

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