The Gyalwang Karmapa on the Chod Practice

Sharing with the audience his personal vision of this practice at a teaching in 2012 (see video on the right) His Holiness described it as letting go and extending to see ourselves as part of all sentient beings. “What we take to be us and what we take to be others are not two separate things,” he said. “Our body, speech and mind and the body, speech and mind of other sentient beings are not two separate things. Chöd practice prepares us to transform our relationship to the five psycho-physical aggregates that ordinarily form the basis of what we think of as “I.” When we do the practice fully, he explained, these five aggregates that were previously the focus of our self-fixation are no longer seen as “I” or “mine.” As such, the result of successful Chöd practice is to sever the self-fixation that is the root of all our suffering.”



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