I would like to dedicate a page to my lovely followers who have sought personal guidance from me, either on YouTube, InstaGram or Personal Readings a space to share their personal story or journey with the collective. Your success stories means so much to the collective, to not give up hope in tough times where finally light can be seen in reality the beautiful connection you are now experiencing in present moment, from start to finish. Below is just one of the success stories I have documented on film; their testimony on their journey.

Testimony and confirmation from a Divine Masculine how true my reading/channeling was for his Divine Feminine.

If you have been a follower/subscriber and would like to share your success story, please comment below. We love to hear how UNIONS are happening in the Twin Flame community. Once your testimony has been approved, it will appear in the section below. Thank you all for sharing your journey!


  1. Thomas and I recently came into union. I am so very happy and have been waiting for this moment for 15 years. We communicate often and he tells me he loves me every chance he gets. We are long distance – I am in Georgia and he is New Jersey, and are making plans to see each other within the next month or so. I am just overly grateful for the journey and everything it has taught me thus far. Whatever spirit wants to tell/show me I will embrace. Again, thank you for all you do and keep being sweet!!

    -Savoy Park

  2. Thank you for the latest reading. You was on point with The Cancer. And I love the Smudged spray when Im out of 1 thats when I order the other 1 so I never run out. You are the best and I have given your card to so many people. I hope they come to you. Thank you beautiful

  3. Jasna and Dušan
    hello 🙂 do you remember me? Jasna and Dušan … from Croatia. I want to tell you that after a year, as the cards and angels said, Dušan and I are together again from today. 🙂 after your last card opening, I started working on myself, and a miracle happened. 🙂 I want to thank you for everything you do for all of us. Your words are golden, your work is generous and the one who listens to your advice can only be a winner. We are twin flames. 🙂 one of the few, now Dušan admits it. I send you lots of hugs and love. 🙂 and thank you for coming across my life journey. I will never forget you ❤? ps. i learned tarot and oracle 🙂 i felt a long time ago that this is my calling, now i live it and it is wonderful to help people. I am strongly connected with the spiritual world. thank you again for everything. I wish you all the happiness in the world ???

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