KARMA RISHI སྐར་མ་རི་ཥི་། Tibetan Bathing Festival

The festival is of a week-long, and sometimes it is called Tibetan Bathing week. It’s celebrated on the 1st Week of the seventh month of Tibetan Lunar Calander. We called this Tibetan Bathing festival Karma Rishi in the Tibetan Language, Meaning the golden star.

The festival of Tibetan Bathing festival coincides with the appearance of Venus in the sky. The celebration will last for a week. We believe taking a bath during those days will wash away all the diseases and misfortune.

According to the Tibetan astronomical documents, water during the end of summer and beginning to autumn has eight qualities which makes it suitable for taking a bath: crisp, sweet, clean, soft, clarity, and it’s not harmful to throat and belly.

The Origin of The Tibetan Bathing festival

The legend had it About 700 or 800 Year ago. There was a terrible plague in Tibet. This plague kills unless the number of Humans and Animals. Local Tibetan people don’t have to know-how would help cure the disease. The most well-known doctor of Tibetan Medicine, Youthok Yonten Gompo, has died for sometimes. The only option was to pray to him for guidance and help.

One the night of the first day of the seventh Lunar calendar, everybody had the same dream. In the dream, they saw a bright star twinkling from the sky above the southeast of the Lhasa city and a sick and fainted girl taking bathing in the Lhasa River when she re-emerged from the river. She was clean, healthy and beautiful.

Everyone believes the Holy medicinal men turned himself into that star, after hearing the prayers for help by the Tibetan People. Under the light of the star, Water became medicinal, and all the food became medicine.

So after this dream, everyone went for the bath and after the 7th day. The plague disappeared, and everyone was recover from the sickness, and the new star also vanished from the sky. Since then taking back for the seven days become the norm and later become festival in Tibet.

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