Hello my lovelies! Thank you all for following me on my YouTube channel and Instagram! As a token of your patronage, I have decided to add a loyalty rewards program for those of you who frequently book readings and purchases with me! It’s a way of me showing how much I value and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Here is how the program works!

Book any reading, make any purchase in any increments of $33.33 USD for 1 point. First time buyers will receive 2 points! For every 7 points, you will automatically receive a coupon to get $6.95 USD discount for any booking/purchase on my website!

You may also receive additional savings if you write a review on my website. All you need to do is navigate to the page where you booked your personal reading or product purchase and once I approve your comments, I will send you a coupon you can use in conjunction with any coupon offer you received from me. There is no expiration date, use at anytime!

Thank you all for supporting me, booking readings, and purchasing my lovely items it means so much.

With Love,

Scorpio Moon

Terms & Conditions may change at anytime and without notice.

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