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Psychic Attack

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I have done two bookings with Andy, one for myself and one for my twin and ever since I have had both done I feel so much better. It’s a strange feeling but I honestly can SLEEP! Well kinda.

If you have been following me on my channel one of my biggest gripes is not having enough rest and staying awake until 3-5am.

I initially did the SRT (Spirit Release Therapy) for myself and at first, I felt really tired as if I felt I was compromised (physically/spiritually). I honestly had more dreams with spirits coming to me (seeing more orbs of light), which I never disclosed but I have been frequented by a person of my past who has past away. But since the SRT, spirit guides have been coming to me in dreams who are actually teaching me stuff about the spirit world, “it’s freaking crazy!”

So, even though I am sleeping at 2am, sometimes even 1am which is AMAZING, I am dreaming! So when I do wake up, I feel tired because I feel like I was in spirit class the whole time and now it’s time for consciousness to kick in to put it into practice (but I forget my dream lessons, LOL). I am only sharing my personal experience because everyone might have a different experience after getting the SRT done. Whichever service you feel you might need. I think it is worth it.

So after a week, I decided to do an SRT for my twin. He had so many negative attachments and cords it was crazy. But honestly guys, ever since I did it for him, I personally felt much better. I felt lighter, I didn’t have as many dreams as if clearing my twins energy “indirectly” helped me also. I hope my twin felt it too, honestly I am sure he did.

I used to have blocks in my creativity, I am actually feeling more productive and creative. I am not so attached to my twin also which is a “refreshing feeling”.

I went in the SRT because of my throat! As you know I have been complaining about my throat issues since the end of March 2020. Even though I am still a bit froggy, this SRT has helped and has my stamp of approval for those who are also interested.

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