How are you feeling these days my darlings? I bet all out of sorts. Here are some tips that I have found that may be helpful or useful to you during this time and to understand the energies you are currently going through.

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In Retrograde: July 7 to August 1

What It Means: Mercury is the most common planet to go into retrograde, and it does so a few times each year as its orbit passes earth. During Mercury retrograde, some people may find themselves unable to effectively communicate. Astrologers also generally recommend putting off big purchases or legal matters until after the planet’s orbit returns to normal.

Mercury’s retrogrades are considered particularly volatile because of how quickly the planet moves and its proximity to the Earth. This seems to mean that the planet’s manic energy can widely affect day to day life and amp up stress levels. The other planets on this list are not typically as strong in retrograde, though they do have their own effects.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, expect haphazard mistakes, misunderstandings, and unintentional communication and transport problems. It’s a good idea to avoid signing contracts, starting new projects, or buying expensive items including property. But Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad. Whatever you started before the retrograde can be finished during the retrograde, and be finished effectively and completely. While it’s not a good time to share news with others, it’s a fruitful time to work on what’s already at hand, quietly and steadily.

In 2019, specifically, Mercury will go retrograde three times.

From Mar 5, 2019 (in Capricorn) to Mar 28, 2019 (in Pisces)

From Jul 7, 2019 (in Leo) to August 1, 2019 (in Cancer)

From October 31, 2019 (in Scorpio) to November 20, 2019 (in Cancer)

The first retrograde will last twenty-three days, the second one twenty-five, and the last one will last twenty days. Not long enough to ruin a life, but long enough to cause some serious misunderstandings, bumps on the road, and mishaps. Make sure to put these days in your organizer to prepare yourself.


In Retrograde: April 10 to August 11

What It Means: Jupiter retrograde doesn’t tend to cause too much harm. Instead, it ushers in a period of quiet reflection on events that have transpired throughout Jupiter’s normal orbit, according to astrologer Annabel Gat in conversation with Refinery29. This may be difficult while Mercury generates chaotic energy, but after the smallest planet leaves retrograde, people may experience a greater sense of peace and reflection through the start of August.

Jupiter takes around a mere twelve years to do a complete spin around our beloved Sun. Every single year, Jupiter goes retrograde without fail. This period lasts around 120 days and in this period, it’s a good idea to take a deeper look at our belief systems, visions, ways of relating to life.

From Apr 10, 2019 (in Sagittarius) to August 11, 2019 (in Scorpio) – 123 days total


In Retrograde: April 30 to Sept 18

What It Means: Saturn retrograde tends to compliment Jupiter retrograde, according to Astrology.com. During Saturn’s reverse orbit, people may experience a sense of moving forward and evaluating the best next moves.

Saturn completes a full orbit around the Sun approximately every twenty-nine years. This means it spends some two years and some months in each zodiac sign.

When the serious Saturn retrogrades, our long-term projects, goals, and desires as well as our relationship to authority figures and responsibilities needs to be examined deeply. Saturn retrograde is a good time to review and renew our lifelong and key commitments, to take a look at how we live life in general, and what we expect to achieve in our lifetime.

From Apr 30, 2019 (in Capricorn) to Sep 18, 2019 (in Capricorn) – a whopping 141 days!


In Retrograde: August 21 to Jan 1

What It Means: Uranus isn’t in retrograde just yet, but can offer an atmosphere conducive to self-reflection, specifically in regard to relationships and life choices. If you are not able to face the music, however, Uranus retrograde has the potential to set you back in all areas and kill your creative drive, according to Astrology.com.

Planet Uranus takes some long eighty-four years to complete one orbit cycle around the Sun. This means, it spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign. Every year, Uranus goes retrograde for some 148 days. During this time, our inner ability to be free is tested. Mark these dates in your calendar to make sure you won’t be negatively influenced by outside forces and go against yourself during this time.

From Jan 1, 2019 (in Aries) to Jan 6, 2019 (in Aries) – just five days!

From Aug 12, 2019 (in Taurus) to Jan 1, 2020 (in Taurus)


In Retrograde: June 21 to November 27

What It Means: Like the other retrogrades, Neptune retrograde offers the chance to reflect, this time on one’s spirituality. It’s a big trigger for psychic intuition, dreams and confusion, according to Hello Giggles. It can be difficult to break out of the Neptune retrograde fog, which some describe as muddling true feelings with confusing illusions. For some astrology-minded folks, Neptune retrograde may demand spending time to sort out your true feelings.

Neptune is yet another slow-moving planet. It takes Neptune around 164 years to do just one orbit around the Sun. This means, Neptune spends 14 years in each zodiac sign – can you believe it?

Every year, Neptune does go retrograde for around 150 days – five months! Because Neptune is associated with mysticism, spirituality, occult matters, when it goes retrograde our inner life is challenged. We might need to redefine how we connect to the deeper, more psychic and subtle aspects of this universe.

From June 21, 2019 (in Pisces) to Nov 27, 2019 (in Pisces)


In Retrograde: April 24 to October 3

What It Means: Pluto may be one of the eeriest retrogrades, as it shines a light on the “shadow self,” or the side of ourselves we try to hide, according to Bustle. This means the things may reveal themselves against our will during the five months Pluto is in retrograde. Naturally, this also inspires a lot of reality checks and self-realization, astrologers say.

Pluto takes even more time than all the others to finish just one orbit around the Sun – an incredible two hundred and forty-eight years. This translates to twenty-one years in each zodiac sign. Every year, this planet goes retrograde for about five or six months and 2019 is no exception.

The Pluto retrograde has to do with how we relate to changes, small and big, daily and bigger, as well as wholly life-changing transformations.

From Apr 24, 2019 (in Capricorn) to Oct 3, 2019 (in Capricorn)

Guidance During These Retrogrades

  1. Focus on yourself.
  2. Don’t launch any new projects.
  3. Return home. “Whatever place that FEELS like home, not necessarily the place where you grew up.”
  4. Don’t sign any contracts.
  5. Reassess, redo, repair, redesign
  6. Don’t spend a lot of money, especially if you are feeling stressed during this time.

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