The Full Moon in Sagittarius is going to have the opportunity to allow us to shift into a higher frequency and higher vibration. All of us are going to have the opportunity to tap into higher realms and to explore the height of our creativity.

This is a dreamy Full Moon that will amplify our intuitive gifts and allow us to unlock the wisdom we already have inside of us.

We may forget, but everything we need, every piece of the puzzle was given to us before we came into this body, and on a Full Moon like this, it will be easier for us to remember and gain access this wisdom.

Under the light of this Full Moon, we are going to be reminded to spend time with our soul and to nurture ourselves exactly as we are. We don’t need healing, we don’t need fixing, we just need loving.

While there is this beautiful intuitive, creative, and dreamy energy surrounding this Full Moon, it also has a fiery quality too.

All through the month of June, there has been this focus on speaking our truth. There has been a focus on learning to rise up from the darkness and the walls we have created, and step into a more authentic place where we can own who we are- baggage and all.

Speaking our truth is not about being judgmental or using our ego to create more shame or blame in the world. Instead, it is about getting to the root of our soul. It is about uncovering the masks and finding the freedom and the love to be true to ourselves in all situations, no matter how difficult or challenging.

If there is an area of our lives that we need to be more truthful in, if there is an area of our lives that we need to be more honest with ourselves about, the fiery quality of this Full Moon is going to give us the confidence and spark we need to face up to it and stand in our truth.

We cannot let fear run our lives. We cannot put off doing things, or avoid the life that was destined for us because we are afraid of sharing who we are with the world.

We cannot dim our own light; we cannot allow ourselves to shrink down to avoid being seen.

Perhaps think about an area of your life that feels uncertain and sticky. What is your desired outcome for this situation? This becomes your target. What step can you take to start moving in that direction? This is your arrow.

With your target and your arrow all lined up, you can begin moving in that direction. Trusting the wisdom of what you desire and the ebb and flow of the wind to guide you.

Full Moons are always a point of release, so something often needs to be let go of when we reach this time in the month. We may be feeling this even more so in June, as this is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

The July Eclipse Season has a potency to it, which means that this June Full Moon is a chance for us to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. Pay attention to any signs, clues, or triggers that are presented at this time, as they may come back around to be resolved and cleared once and for all in July.

You may also want to think back to what was happening in your life around the end of January 2019, as events from this time may also come back around to be cleared, worked through, or elevated to the next level.

Making the time to journal, meditate, and do ritual work around this Full Moon will be a great way to begin getting ready for the magical Eclipses.

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