Month: June 2019


The Full Moon in Sagittarius is going to have the opportunity to allow us to shift into a higher frequency and higher vibration. All of us are going to have the opportunity to tap into higher realms and to explore the height of our creativity. This is a dreamy Full Moon that will amplify our […]

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Powerful guidance message for the dm – kali – june 5, 2019

Guidance Message: Kali – LiberationDM is being called to address the aspects in your own shadow nature that have held you hostage to old ideas that no longer serve who you want to become. You can no longer defined yourself by your victim story and expect to succeed in your life. There is beauty in […]

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New Moon June 3, 2019

The New Moon on Monday, June 3, 2019, at 12° Gemini makes no major planetary aspects. But there are two other aspects in the new moon June 2019 astrology chart that bring good fortune, especially with love and money. The June 2019 new moon joins fixed star Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull. This […]

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