Music For The Mood – Alicia Keys + 50 Shades Of Grey & More

Yes, I am a fan. I love her music. Just wanted to share cause I am feeling it too.

Because you are feeling naughty.

My unconditional love is a one in a million.

Because Twin Flames are MIRRORS.

I LOVE PRINCE! If only my man can grind me like he can, I think I would have a heart attack hahaha….

Yes, I had to add some Asian persuasion, hahah afterall I am Asian/Islander!

Yes, I’m so into my man, I love him more than anyone else in the entire world…

This song reminds me of my twin and I.

I just love this song, you all might not understand but that’s OK, it’s eye candy LOL…imagine your divine other singing to you like this, OH MY LOL…

Beautiful song to listen to…yes, I am a bit aged but imagine rolling around on the beach with your divine other like this…HELL YEAH. The lyrics of course is typical TWIN FLAME stuff.

And finally…I just love deftones, it’s so dark and sexy…but the lyrics is a bit depressing.

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