How To Purify Negative Karma In One Lifetime

I asked this question from my guru, Khenpo Karma Tonglen, “How do I purify negative karma for good.” LOL, yes I was tired of suffering (samsara) and have bad karma in this lifetime. I was serious, and so, he responded, “Prostration and chanting mantra.”

If you don’t know what a prostration is, or how to do it, here is a reference you can practice.

You can half prostrations or full prostrations, but I have a feeling my guru is referencing the full prostration.

While doing each prostration, you should also chant a mantra, which is also known as “loving meditation.” The mantra is:

Om Vazra Sattu Hung

Do the prostrations and manta 108 times daily. Yes, you read that right 108 prostrations chanting, “Om Vazra Sattu Hung.”

To be honest, the first day I did, I about died…LOL

This will definitely make you tired. After my first try at it, I immediately told my guru, “Khenpo, I almost died”…and he laughed, “It’s good exercise.” I’m thinking, is this some Kung Fu experience? Is he joking with me? Hahah, well I think I did it for a few weeks up to a month and each time I did, I started to focus on myself. I felt like there really was a clearing effect to my body, spirit and mind. It really does help. It almost feels like you gain wisdom by doing this, something truly does change in your mind and your consciousness. With each prostration and chanting of mantra I honestly felt like zen.

You have to be devoted to the practice to gain the full effect. So, if you are serious about removing negative karma from your life, give this a go and let me know how you feel after practicing prostrations and mantra. So, how long are you supposed to do this? Everyday until you die. I know, I did it for a month, at least I got some knocked out, LOL.

Also, in conjunction with this practice, my guru also says to refrain from eating meat, so I hope you like vegetarian and…love nature. Practice love to oneself, and then love to all beings.

Sending you all love and light,

Scorpio Moon Intuition

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