Nyungne (Chotrul Duchen) with Lama Karuna

The Nyungne is a profound 2 1/2 day fasting practice that purifies negative karma through chanting, mantras and guided visualizations of 1,000-Armed Chenrezik. Chotrul Duchen is one of the Four Great Occasions, commemorating Buddha’s performance of miracles. The effects of virtuous actions such as fasting are multiplied on this day. Instructions are given the evening of February 17. The fast begins after lunch on February 18, continues on February 19 (Chotrul Duchen), and ends with breakfast on February 20.

February 17-20
$40 for Teachings*
Preregistration and deposit is required.
*2 Scholarships are available; email office@kagyu.org for details

You can visit the website here if you are interested and living in the NY state area or willing to travel to Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

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