Twin Flame Quickie


8 – 10 min. reading



This reading is a quick energy read on your divine other. This is geared towards those who just need a quick answer on where their divine other is at with less detail but will give you the answers you need. Great if you need daily guidance or if you have already purchased a reading with me and just need a quick energy update to see where your divine other is at, this is the perfect reading for you.

This reading will reveal:

  • Overall Energy (Bottom of the Deck)
  • How does your divine other think of you at this time (3 Tarot Cards)
  • How does your divine other feel about you at this time (3 Tarot Cards)
  • What do they want to do with you in the 3D/Physical? (3 Tarot Cards)
  • What are the future potential energies/actions your divine other will take? (3 Tarot Cards)

It’s short, simple, and sweet and to the point. If you have purchased a reading, you can take this as a short twin flame coaching session to see if there are any changes from the last reading without going into detail, just to check in your partner to see what they are up to! *Especially if they stopped talking or communicating with you which may cause you to panic 🙂 I always say, it will be fine, even though I know you may not feel that way at this time, but I will provide the quick guidance you need so that you can make a decision on what you should do to improve your personal situation or to help your divine other.


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